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What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids. These are the active substances of a hemp plant, which act on the body’s cannabinoid system. This system consists of the so-called CB1 and CB2 receptors. The body has these receptors because it is also able to produce cannabinoids. The body’s own cannabinoids are called “endocannabinoids”. Accordingly, the cannabinoid system is also called the “endocannabinoid system”. Especially many of the CB1 receptors are concentrated in the brain. The receptors are present on virtually all organs, but they are more abundant in the brain. 

They regulate the muscle tension and the transmission of stimuli. This explains why the CBD works so well on cramps or irritation in the conduction. In addition, the CBD does not even have to be dosed at a particularly high level: this active ingredient is able to easily overcome the otherwise almost impenetrable blood-brain barrier. Since it is a messenger substance that is virtually endogenous to the body, it is accepted by the body at every point and therefore also in the brain. The CBD docks in the brain to the CB1 receptors and thus triggers its antispasmodic effect.

Is CBD oil legal?

CBD oil has not really arrived in the population and unfortunately not yet recognized as a cure. And because hemp, cannabis, and everything related to it still have a relatively bad reputation, many companies still avoid offering the CBD oil in their assortment. This means that you get CBD oil in almost no pharmacy and also health food stores or drugstores are still looking for a sale, although this is legal. Cannabis oil is probably still too synonymous with the consumption of marijuana.

So if you want to buy it, you should look around in the online shops, because there the products are sold and sent to some good shops. Of course, it is also important to focus on organic quality. The product should have been produced gently, otherwise, it would not benefit our health. Good quality, the Bio Seal and other important product information should be available on the box or on the official website.

Due to its many healthy properties, CBD oil can be used for very different problems. In addition to studies, many reports from users have proven the positive effects of cannabidiol oil.

In mice, a study was also performed in which the relief of multiple sclerosis showed. Mice received CBD over a period of ten days and showed an improvement in their general condition as well as their ability to move. Although many studies have yet to follow, the first indications for the relief of multiple sclerosis are available.

 Top 5 Benefits of CBD oil 

CBD oil in Alzheimer’s and dementia

Alzheimer’s and dementia are degenerative diseases of the brain. A damaging protein damages the nerves, causing the brain to gradually die. There are animal studies that suggest the effectiveness of CBD oil in Alzheimer’s and dementia. But it is still too early to raise any hopes here.

CBD oil for osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the cartilaginous tissue. Because CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it can provide relief in the osteoarthritis precursor, Arthritis. But once the cartilage is broken down, it can not be built up by ingesting CBD oil. But it can serve to alleviate the pain of osteoarthritis.

CBD oil at BSE

BSE is a brain degenerative disease caused by proteins that are folded in a certain way, the so-called “prions”. However, there is no evidence that CBD oil could be used in BSE. BSE is a serious, infectious and fatal disease. We, therefore, want to distance ourselves from any promise of salvation regarding BSE and CBD oil.

CBD oil for nausea and nausea

CBD oil is first and foremost an oily substance. Thus, it is for oral use in case of nausea eHer suboptimal. Since CBD oil is only consumed drop by drop, a try can not hurt. CBD has strong soothing properties and can provide some relaxation in case of nausea.

CBD oil in epilepsy

There are some very impressive videos on Youtube that help patients in the acute epilepsy episode with CBD. If you want to treat epilepsy in yourself or your child with CBD oil, but please seek a doctor who supports such therapy. An epilepsy can grow into a life-threatening condition. It therefore offers no scope for experiments.

CBD oil in obesity and obesity

CBD oil has been shown to have appetite suppressing properties. This makes it as a complementary therapy in the context of a diet change to a useful tool. But obesity and obesity are fought with a healthy, low carbohydrate diet and lots of exercise. Therefore, you can not rely on the CBD oil for a desired weight loss.

CBD oil in hepatitis

Hepatitis is an infection of the liver that needs intensive medical attention. We advise against self-administration of hepatitis with CBD oil. Depending on the type, hepatitis is highly contagious. Therefore, if you suspect liver inflammation, you should definitely consult the doctor.

CBD oil in cancer

CBD Oil may be used during follow-up to treat certain sequelae of chemotherapy. It is definitely not a cancer remedy. The problem with taking CBD oil during cancer treatment is that CBD oil is a natural appetite suppressant. However, cancer patients have a high-calorie requirement in order to be able to combat the malignant cells with force.

CBD oil for nervous diseases

CBD oil has been shown to be apparently effective in the study of neurological disorders. Especially in Parkinson’s and epilepsy there are some impressive observations. Our recommendation is therefore: An attempt can not hurt. Here, however, an oil with a higher concentration should be used.

CBD oil for rheumatism

There are some reports that taking CBD oil can relieve the pain of rheumatic patients. Again, we would recommend it to arrive at a trial.

CBD oil in sepsis

Sepsis is a blood poisoning. The treatment can be very exhausting and exhausting. CBD oil can help to soothe the nerves during recovery and strengthen the immune system.

CBD oil for addictions

CBD oil is not itself an addictive substance. It can fight depression and alleviate addiction. So at least some experience reports describe it. An addictive remedy is certainly not, but it can help to make the weaning phase a little more pleasant and less stressful.

CBD oil in Alzheimer’s and dementia

In addition to its intoxicating properties, the THC is especially famous for its enormous appetite. After the user follows the smoking of hashish after about 20 minutes of “Fressflash” – especially after strong carbohydrate-containing foods such as pasta, pizza or chocolate. THC is therefore rather not suitable for weight loss, rather the opposite: Cancer patients or persons affected by anorexia are often tempted to use hashish to help them to increase carbohydrate intake. Nevertheless, THC consumers are not generally characterized by increased weight.

The opposite is true for the CBD. One of its side effects is the restraint of appetite. Where exactly this interaction comes from is not quite clear. However, it has been proven that CBD is not recommended in cancer patients, unless it is intended to provide relief from cramping or pain.

In fact, CBD oil can be used as a light appetite suppressant. The pharmaceutical industry has developed drugs that are much more targeted for this purpose. Nonetheless, CBD oil can be used for a transitional phase of food conversion.

However, it is not to be confused with a “slimming pill”. You lose weight when you get into a negative calorie balance in the long term. This means: The calories consumed daily must be lower than the calories consumed. A very effective way to do that is to keep a food diary and nutritional advice. CBD oil can help you to better survive the adjustment phase of reduced calorie intake. But you can not expect more from the natural product in this context.

Our tip: In the evening time drink a glass of warm water with 3 drops of CBD oil. This calms the stomach and quenches the feeling of hunger until breakfast. Regular, light movement also helps to lose weight. It is important that the body “raises” its basal metabolic rate of calories. The higher the difference zDaily consumed and ingested calories is the faster you lose weight. But two things to keep in mind: weight loss is not the same as losing weight. When a lot of exercise is done alongside reduced caloric intake, the body builds heavy muscles. This can then lead to disappointing values ​​on the scale. It is therefore ideal for a weight loss program, a scale that can measure the body fat percentage. So you get a precise overview of his weight loss successes.

CBD oil in depression

CBD oil helpful in depression

increase in the excitation transmission between the nerve cells for cortical 5-HT / glutamate.

If you believe the reports that appear on Youtube, then CBD oil has a very fast, almost immediate effect, especially in convulsions and spasms. There are quite believable videos of Parkinson’s patients or children with epilepsy who are virtually symptom-free after taking a few drops of CBD oil.

With pain patients, one can rely only on the experience reports. The tendency of the reports goes in the following direction:

Strong pain is reduced to a tolerable level. Moderate and mild pain disappear completely. In any case, it brings a soothing relaxation, which is conducive to sleep.

Nevertheless: CBD oil is not a miracle weapon against migraine even in high doses and strong concentration. However, these troubled patients reach for every straw, so a trial with this natural remedy can do no harm.

Still relatively unknown in Western countries is the use of CBD oil for menstrual pain. The spasmodic, monthly recurring pain, however, can be treated very well with CBG oil, it is the experience reports from the US. What began there with a few drops of CBG oil on the tampon has now evolved into a real product. However, first experiences are also available from Europe. The tendentially rather critical and distrustful German users konSo far, the application of CBG oil on the tampon has consistently convinced. Even relatively weak oil with only 5% caused a noticeable improvement and relaxation of the abdomen. A pleasant tingling was an indication of increased blood flow. Period pain was thus shortened by a whole day for some users. Unfortunately there are no further reports, but these reports are hopeful for this special target group.

What is a challenge in places is the taste. CBD oil, especially if it has the hemp oil as a carrier oil, tastes very strong for grass or hay. This is not necessarily for everyone. Those who have too much trouble with the strong, peculiar taste of CBD oil should switch to capsules.

Side effects of CBD oil

CBD oil and its healthy ingredients

CBD oil contains many important ingredients that are vital to the body and that it can not produce by itself. Of particular importance are the minerals and proteins contained. But also vitamins, fiber, and unsaturated fatty acids are found in CBD oil. However, the oil is particularly valuable due to the contained cannabinoids.

How does CBD oil taste?

The good news: CBD oil has a natural taste. Thus, the natural remedy differs from many pharmaceuticals, which are virtually non-consumable without neutral or sugared packaging.

The bad news: This “natural” flavor is best described as “fresh grass”. As pleasant as a flower meadow is – you do not necessarily want to bite. However, this association is the most relevant in terms of taste of CBD. With a sip of milk or cocoa you have rinsed the intense hay flavor of CBD but quickly.

Some manufacturers also offer CBD oil with oils other than hemp oil as a carrier. This controls the taste clearly. Walnut oil is especially popular for this purpose. However, allergy sufferers should always make sure that they can tolerate the carrier oil before using CBD oil. Allergies to peanuts or hazelnuts can sometimes manifest with severe symptoms. If there is any uncertainty, a simple allergy test at the doctor can provide the necessary safety and clarity.

How to use CBD oil?

Buy CBD oil

If you want to buy CBD oil, you will probably first ask yourself if the purchase and possession of this product are legal at all. The answer to this question is clearly yes. Although the cannabis oil or cannabidiol oil contains a certain amount of THC, this is so small that this amount is permitted in Western countries. This is usually the indication “contains less than 0.2% THC”.

However, it is important to know that this quantity is allowed in Western countries, for example, but not in other countries, such as Thailand. There, the upper limit of the THC content in hemp products is actually 0%, ie no tolerance. Here it is advisable to buy CBD oil, which has the indication “contains no THC” printed. This can vary depending on production and extraction.

When buying CBD oil, a few things should be considered. Because: CBD oil is not equal to CBD oil. Thus, the oil is available in different dosages of two, five, 7.5 and ten percent and should be selected according to the symptoms in its dosage.

It is also useful to buy from the dealer of trust. Attention should be paid to the certificate of analysis. A CBD oil without this certificate should not be purchased. Incidentally, CBD oil, which is produced in Scandinavia, is one of the best oils in the world.

Another important aspect is the carrier oil used. Consumers should not be surprised if hemp oil is found again in CBD oil. This is normal and good because that’s how the high-quality ingredients of hemp oil can be effective. Above all, the body benefits from the optimal ratio of Western countries. Of particular importance is, of course, the amount of cannabinoids contained, which give the CBD oil its effect.

Where to buy CBD oil safe?

Are you looking for cheap CBD products? CBD oil cheap is a matter of perspective. CBD oil from the specialist trade is already much cheaper than from the pharmacy. In addition, specialized online shops often offer interesting discount promotions, which can be saved again by up to 20%.

However, CBD oil is a highly effective natural remedy that should only be purchased in the best possible quality. Cheap CBD oil from unknown sources is most likely a sham. Either it contains a lower level of CBD, or it is even completely unavailable. This is amazing even for products from the US. In one test, it was found that many CBD products from the US have an incorrect drug indication. This is all the more astonishing, since the US actually have very strict laws, especially on food.

Our recommendation is, therefore: Prefer CBG oil from Europe. So far, the DACH region still stands for the highest quality CBD oil. However, Eastern European countries such as Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic have also discovered the market and become interesting suppliers of this useful and medicinal plant.

In Western countries, the maximum concentration of THC is limited to 0.2%. In Europe, however, different limits apply. For the Dutch producers, however, it can be said that these are largely based on the limit valid in Western countries. However, before buying a CBD product, this should be verified again and again in order to avoid the risk of an illegal act.

Otherwise, it can be said that CBD is 20-30% cheaper in the Netherlands than in Western countries. A 10 ml vial of CBD oil at 10% costs about 100 euros in Western countries. In the Netherlands, it is available for 70 – 80 euros. In terms of quality and purity, the Dutch products are in no way inferior to the German ones. However, the prices of CBD oil are gradually falling even among German producers. Discounts of up to 20% are also increasingly common in Western countries.

In sum, it can be stated that CBD from Holland is not worse and no better than that from Western countries.

However, this looks a bit different for CBD products from Switzerland. The Confederates maintain a somewhat contradictory drug policy that does not seem to fit the otherwise very conservative image of this country. The drug policy has become, at least in the active prosecution, much more liberal: So public consumption of hashish punishable with just 100 francs fine and possession of up to 10 grams is impunity. As a result, it looks like Bern in some corners of Bern and Zurich as in the 1980s in Amsterdam. This liberal attitude, especially vis-à-vis the THC, is also reflected in the legally prescribed salary in the CBD oil. While only an almost homeopathic concentration of 0.2% is permitted in Western countries and many other EU countries, the Confederates allow a full percent THC in CBD oil. This five-fold higher concentration makes the Swiss CBD products in Western countries not marketable and endangers the legal security of users.

There are some comparative tests of CBD products on the internet. However, these are anything but representative. It is noticeable that all available tests have determined the same test winner. This may mean that Nordic Oil’s CBD oil is actually the best on the market. It can also speak for a good PR work of the manufacturer. However, Nordic Oil is, in any case, Western torment manufacturer, who always attracts attention with very interesting promotions and innovative product policy. For example, the new “CBD paste”, a particularly vicious form of CBD oil, was first available from Nordic Oil. We have personally convinced ourselves of the trustworthiness of the manufacturer and the quality of its products. Therefore we can recommend its CBD products. Whether the products of other European manufacturers are really worse, we can not confirm. It is only important that consumers in Western countries pay attention to the THC content of products purchased from abroad. While a maximum of 0.2% is allowed in this country, Italy allows up to 0.5% and Switzerland even up to a full percent THC in CBD oil. In order not to get into legal difficulties, the THC content should be checked before buying.